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Where to find Google Certified Publishing Partners?

There are many companies that are Google Certified Publishing Partner,
Visit here, https://www.google.com/ads/publisher/partners/ for getting full list from authority website of google himself.

And here you can find a partner company, https://www.google.com/ads/publisher/partners/find-a-partner/#!?modal_active=none

What is the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program?

A Google Certified Publishing Partner is an expert or agency that has been vetted and certified by Google to provide specialized services to publishers, particularly those who use Google’s advertising products such as AdSense and Ad Manager. These partners are recognized for their expertise in helping publishers optimize their digital content, grow ad revenue, and succeed in various areas related to setup, optimization, and maintenance.

Key points about Google Certified Publishing Partners include:

  1. Trusted Expertise: These partners are recognized as experts in the field and have passed Google’s product certification exams. They are vetted by Google and have a successful track record of helping publishers succeed.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Certified Publishing Partners offer a range of services, including full-service ad operations, implementations, testing, mobile, web, app, and responsive design development, content moderation tools, platform and monetization solutions for video, customization of ads, and more.
  3. Optimizing Ad Revenue: The primary goal of these partners is to help publishers maximize their ad revenue. They provide insights, services, and technology to optimize digital content, attract profitable and relevant advertising, and ultimately increase revenue potential.
  4. Badge Recognition: The Certified Publishing Partners badge serves as a mark of recognition. Publishers can look for this badge to identify partners who have been carefully vetted by Google and have a proven record of assisting publishers like them.
  5. Ongoing Support: These partners not only assist in immediate optimizations but also provide ongoing support. They offer expertise that publishers can use today and tomorrow, helping them make informed decisions to strengthen their bottom line.
  6. Focus on Content Creation: By partnering with a Certified Publishing Partner, publishers can focus on what they do best—creating great content. The partner takes care of advertising technologies and revenue optimization, allowing publishers to concentrate on content creation.


Here’s the provided information organized in a table for a clearer comparison between GAM + AdX and MCM:

FeatureGAM + AdXMCM
AdX – Own AccountNoNo
AdX – Managed AccountYes, under Parent/ChildYes, under Parent/Child
AdX – Display monetization supportYes, under Parent/ChildYes, under Parent/Child
AdX – App monetization supportYes, under Parent/ChildYes, under Parent/Child
AdX – Video monetization supportOutstream (in-banner) onlyInstream (pre-roll) not available for MCM AdX
Open BiddingYes (selected partners, pre-negotiated by Google)Yes (Non-negotiable Open Bidding partner revenue share agreements with fixed flat fees across display, app, and video inventory; Inability to integrate own demand partners into Open Bidding)
Revenue shares (Demand Partners)AdX revenue shares in placeAdX revenue shares with non-negotiable Open Bidding partner revenue share agreements having fixed flat fees across display, app, and video inventory
Revenue share (MCM Partner)80% Child publisher / 20% Parent (A&A)

This table summarizes the key features and distinctions between GAM + AdX and MCM, highlighting differences in account ownership, monetization support, open bidding, and revenue sharing structures for both demand partners and MCM partners.

Pros and Cons of AdX – MCM

Here’s a table presenting the Pros and Cons of AdX via MCM for GAM + AdX:

Free ad serving up to 90 million impressionsKey feature limitations (video, audience, PPID, teams)
– AdX account (new) AdX linked to MCM partner relationship – partner change will pause ad serving during transition
– AdX account not owned by publisher and is only available while the invitation link is in place
– Fixed partner revenue shares across all inventory types, plus standard AdX revenue shares to Google

Wrapping up

This concludes our overview, we love engagement so asking question is welcome, and feel free to let us know your thoughts about this google program, and if you have applied for which company have you opted for and have they approved yet or stuck at any phase, then don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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